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princess are fashion designers with custom made best fashion clothes for women. 100% haute couture silk fabrics… best tailors and all at affordable prices at her company location in Dubai – UAE… and everywhere in the world.

Fresh, classic, romantic, casual and unmistakably chic is a color explosion on the female silhouette. In an extraordinary way princess combines the culture of another world with the German tradition An unmistakable style combined with bright colors and luxurious fabrics for all self-confident women aged 20 – 90 years… this is the secret of princess design. princess is fashion design and not buyer and seller and stands for attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality work.
Even the smallest detail is considered by Anne Werk when she is looking for the right fabrics, accessories and style of the dresses. Its her love ❤️ when she searches for hours in big warehouses for the latest fabric trends and carry heavy fabric rolls through Dubai.

When you Buy Women’s Clothing Online Dubai you will realize it is not just a dress… princess is a matter of the heart…

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Best fabric dress online Dubai

German Fashion Designer

Anne Werk realized her big dream a few years ago in Germany with an extraordinary Wedding store. In exclusive premises she has offered under the name princess bridal fashions the complete assortment for bride, groom, children and guests on the subject of weddings.

… and her way to Dubai

When she came to Dubai on holiday a few years ago, she fall in love in the truest sense of the word. Already from childhood she developed a strong passion for fashion and the extraordinary and spent a lot of time behind the sewing machine. Here in Dubai she discovered the beauty of fabrics, colors and materials. Exactly what she was looking for all her life. Dreamlike silk fabrics in bright colors are her great passion and so it happened very quickly around her.

She fell in love with Dubai  ❤️

Buy Women's Clothing Online Dubai
Best fashion clothes for women
Luxury Designer Fashion for Women Online

Fashion Week

Fashion week in Dubai – Milan and Paris

princess visited 2018 the fashion week in Dubai and Milan and 2019 the fashion week in Paris. Then we designed the current collection and sold many different clothes.
This are our 4 Bestseller of the year because most oft the women in age from 28 – 73 years have opted for this. All are not so close fitting to the body and therefore also portable by women who think have few kilos too much weight. But also for women who simply want to go through life carefree and don’t constantly think about whether everything fits perfectly here and there, isn’t too short or long and the neckline doesn’t fit permanently. There are stylish and elegant for special occasions but also comfortable and uncomplicated in everyday life when combined casually. Enjoy your life with princess…

A blouse that leaves nothing to be desired…

Who doesn’t love it, the airy fluttering summer dresses. Unfortunately everything has an end and the most beautiful summer gives way to autumn and winter. A time in which we will wear more trousers, skirts and costumes and look helplessly for a combination article in front of the wardrobe.

Nothing is more suitable than this blouse, because it can be styled and combined sporty as well as elegant and sexy. After the first sample collection we decided to produce this fashion star in all colour widths and print variants to make the choice easy for our customers. A blouse is not a… therefore we offer them shortly with many different patterns and colors.

princess will make you happy…
that’s why we reduce the price for a beautiful collections.
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SARA Dress

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